Thursday, 19 April 2018

Agenda notes:
-Raz kids level up assignment to be done by tomorrow night
-Baby photos due tomorrow
-Earth day spirit day tomorrow - wear blue, brown, or green
-Math worksheet [perimeter]
-Spring fundraiser pledges
-Spelling pg. 106-108
-Spelling detailed sentences in cursive

We started our day off finishing our fasteners lesson from yesterday. Students worked to complete their sheet then we went to PE with Miss Yustin

We had a lot of UOI today, we looked at understanding the differences between man-made and natural structures.

We started off with a Prezi looking at what natural and man-made objects are and found out that bridges, buildings, houses, and hotels are man-made. Wood and carrots would be natural. We also talked about how some thing that may seem natural are man made like bricks because somebody has to actually create the shape.

Students worked on a sorting activity to sort the structures into natural and man-made.

There was A LOT of great teamwork!

After we worked on our worksheets to colour and identify man-man objects and natural objects.

After recess, we looked at how weight on a structure affects its stability. We displayed our scientific question which was: Does adding weight to the top or bottom of a structure affect its stability?

We did our experiment and wrote down observations noting that the weight at the top falls first.

Lots of UOI today!

As a clas we came up with our conclusion which was

In conclusion, on the first trial the weight at the top fell first. On the second trial the weight at the top fell first. On the third trial, the weight at the top fell first and knocked over the other structure. We also noticed that the structure with the weight at the top wobbled the most. Therefore when the load is at the top there is less stability.

After, we had our spring fundraiser assembly. For raising 8000 dollars we got to pie two teachers. Mr Foster, and Ms. Samuel had the honour of having a pie to their face.

We had French with Mme Stella. 
Students received their ice cream at second snack and when we returned we finished off the day discussing our next summative and started to brainstorm and design our bridges.

Information has been sent home in the e-mails.
Please bring in all materials by April 27th as we will begin building on April 30th.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Spring Fundraiser - please bring in pledges daily!!

Class goal is $800 and we will have a pizza party courtesy of me!!

You are now able to order for May Lunches. The deadline for May lunches is Saturday, April 28th, 2018.  After this date, our system closes and is unable to open for April ordering.  Please make sure your child is under the correct grade.  
All payments are due on Friday, May 4th, 2018.
A group of Grade 6s are promoting Meatless Mondays for their Exhibition project. They have come up with this month's special, which is Crispy Cauliflower Bites for $4.50 with a side of tzatziki dip that will be available every Monday! YUMMMM. You will find more information about Meatless Mondays around the school.
Payment Instructions
  • There are two options to pay for lunches. Cash and Freshbooks. 
    • Shortly after completing your order, a Freshbooks invoice will be sent to your email.
    • It may take one or two days to process your order to Freshbooks, so please be check your email diligently for the invoice.  
  • We no longer accept cheque as a method of payment.
Agenda notes:
Baby photos due Friday
Raz Kids Level up assignment due April 20
Read for 20 minutes
Math worksheet on perimeter
Spring fundraiser pledges
Spelling pg. 106-108
Grade 3 spelling package
Spelling sentences in cursive

This morning we had our pancake breakfast! YUM

I didn't ask them to do that....Lol

After we had PE with Miss Yustin. 

For math today we learned about measuring perimeter in centimetres. We learned that perimeter is the distance around an object or figure.

We used geoboards to figure out the perimeter of different shapes. We noticed that different shapes can have the same perimeter.

After we talked about how sometimes our figures can be irregular. But we still add all the sides up. If we don't have a grid we have to measure. So we measured various figures in partners and figured out the perimeter of these figures.

Students spent most of the math lesson with a lot of hands-on learning with perimeter.

After recess, we had UOI. For UOI we began to learn about fasteners.

A fastener is something used to join two materials together to make on object. Some fasteners we looked at were: thread, zippers, zelcro, tape, and glue. Students began working on their task of identifying fasteners and what they can be used for. 

We had music with Mr. Oliver and French with Mme. Stella. 

After second recess, we wrote agendas and then had out spring fundraiser assembly.

Sami got to nerf gun Mr. Foster

Jaya hda 90 seconds to apply makeup to Mr. Rozario.

The fun continues tomorrow, keep bringing money in; if our class raises 800 dollars we will have our own pizza party, courtesy of me. 

We came back to class after and began reading chapter 3 of A Perfect Time for Pandas before dismissal.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Please bring in Spring fundraiser pledges daily. Everyday the pledges will be collected, then returned. Popcorn day has been moved to next Monday.

We have raised $6000 as a school so far, great work St. Jude's LET'S KEEP GOING.

Spring fundraiser assembly winners annouced for Monday and Tuesday

Agenda notes:
Raz Kids level up assignment due April 20th
Read for 20 minutes
Math worksheet [kilometres]
Spring fundraiser pledges!
Spelling pg. 106-108
Spelling sentences written in cursive
Grade 3 spelling package.

This morning we had a few structure presentations from Esha and Urvi.

After, we went to PE with Miss Yustin.

After PE we had math we recapped measuring with centimetres and proceeded to look at measuring in metres which students also looked at last week.

They had their own mini-olympics in groups measuring how far they can blow a toilet paper roll, cotton puff, and flick a coin.

We modelled how to measure something that is greater than a metre by measuring Hunter. We have to make sure to mark where we ended then add the metre stick again.

We looked at the different ways to write our measurements

123cm is also 1.23m or 1m and 23cm.

We then looked at certain objects we would measure with metres or centimetres. So the bookshelf we would use metres, for a water bottle we would use centimetres.

We then introduced our next unit of measurement which is kilometres!
Students were asked to think where have their heard this before. They said they have seen it driving on the highway, on street signs, on maps, sometimes they hear the GPS say it!

So we figured out the kilometres measures the distance or length or very, very long things! We modelled how to write something in kilometres as 3km. I also explained that time comes into factor with distance. When you hear speed on the road at 60km/hour or that you can walk 1 kilometre in about 10 minutes.

So time helps when estimating kilometres.

For language today we did spelling here are the words of the week
1. worked
2. sending
3. wants
4. glasses
5. sees
6 .burning
7. reached
8. boxes
9. wishes
10. opening

All of the list words have been build from base [root] words and the endings s or es,ed,or ing. Add 'es' to words that end in x, s, sh, or ch. Just add 's' to words ending in other letters.

1. swimmer
2. biggest
3. winner
4. cutting
5. faxed
6. setting
7. stopped
8. wetter
9. slipped
10. stepping
11. beginning
12. admitted
13. jogger
14. flexing
15. waxed
16. bragged
17. trapped
18. skimmed
19. trimming
20. shipped

For UOI.
We looked at what stability is.

We did an experiment, to look at this scientific question.
Does the height of a structure affect its stability? 

We discussed our prediction as a class and predicted that the tallest paper towel roll will fall first, the medium one will fall second and the short one will fall last. This will happen because taller structures are less stable and are flexible and shorter ones don't flex and have more stability.

Then we did our experiments. 
We created earthquakes. Rayen did trial 1, Amar did trial 2, and Jordan did trial 3. We noticed that when Jordan did his the medium roll fell first. So we discussed that this is why we did three trials because sometimes there are scientific errors.

Here is our conclusion and observations. We noticed that the short roll, didn't fall!

We also looked at stability with our bodies. We stood up straight and gently pushed each other off balance, the we got low and gently pushed eachother. Students realised that it is way harder to knock someone off balance when they are low. So in sports, use the athletic stance to stay balanced and stable!

To end the day Aashrith shared his entry in the 'Attitudes Journal' about commitment. He wrote about his Mom.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Hello Everyone,

Due to the weather conditions today, school will be closed. 

We have a snow day in spring! A shovel is a great simple machine to lift through this. LOL.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Our annual Spring Fundraiser is fast approaching. This year our Spring Fundraiser will run from Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20. All of the funds raised this year will go towards improving technology for our classrooms, such as LEGO robotics, 3D printers, more iPads, reading stations, and an upgrade to  the library program.

Each day that week, we will host a different activity. For $2 on Monday, students can dress like a ‘Pirate.’ On Tuesday, enjoy a bag of popcorn for $2. Wednesday is Pancake Breakfast. Order 1 pancake for $2 or 3 pancakes for $5. Gluten-free pancakes are also available! 1 gluten-free pancake for $2.50 or 3 for $6.00. On Thursday, enjoy an ice cream sundae for $5. Sundaes include two scoops of vanilla OR chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. Add a banana or apple for $1. To wrap up the week we will be hosting a dance party for $5.

Order forms were sent home last Friday and will be due no later than Thursday, April 12.

For students who collect a minimum of $35, they will get to enjoy a morning or afternoon at Kidsport. Please use the pledge sheet provided and be sure to turn in on a daily basis! Daily prizes for the most amount of money brought in are; bonus casual days, getting to sit at your teacher’s desk for a day, or shooting Mr. Foster with a Nerf gun. School wide fundraising targets will allow students the opportunity to give Mr. Rozario a makeup lesson or water balloon their teachers. So, get out there SJA, and raise some money!

As you may be aware, there was a tragic accident that occurred in Saskatchewan on Friday evening. The Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team was involved in an accident while travelling by bus to one of their playoff games, claiming the lives of 15 people and injuring many others. Around the country and world, organizations have shown their support to these victims, their families, and the Humboldt community. Here at St. Jude’s Academy, we strive to have students apply the learner profile attributes and attitudes not only through their studies at school, but in their community. St. Jude’s would like to show our support for the victims and their families by sending our students to school on Thursday, April 12th, wearing their favourite sports jersey to honour the Humboldt Broncos. The school will be holding a short assembly and a moment of silence on Thursday morning for Grades 3-12 to honour these players, coaches, and families. We are asking parents from JK – Grade 2 to have a home conversation with their child in regards to why their child will be wearing a jersey to school on Thursday.
Agenda notes:
-Read 20 minutes
-Spring fundraiser money
-Spelling pg. 101-104 and sentences
-Cursive up to pg. 70

For language today we did a pre-assessment of persuasive writing to convince someone to buy candy.

For UOI we had the rest of our presentations.

Here is a look at the presentations.

We had our career fair presentation today, it was exciting to hear students, and professionals speak about their careers and the category it falls into.

We learned about STEM careers (people that work with computers), healthcare careers like doctors nurses, dentists and orthodontists. (which was the focus).