Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Today's agenda notes

**Re-registration package**
-Read for 20 mins
-Practice speeches
-Jump rope for Heart Package
-Math worksheet (making change)
-spelling pg. 69-72
-cursive up to pg. 66
-food drive donation (last day Jan 26)
-Book orders due Jan 29th

Then we had Daily 5.

After we had math, today for math we looked at adding money.

We set up a store to buy things and students had to make their change and pay me!

They were given their shopping list and had to browse the store, then they lined up to cash out.

They showed me how they figured out the total of their items by counting the dollars first then the cents.

After, everyone cashed out we took up some problems together. We looked at some other problems in which we had to add items such as:

Bananas $0.85
Milk $1.25
Apples $1.50

We noticed here that the dollars add up to $2 but the cents are 160 so what happens next?
We can't write $2.160, but we know that 100 cents make a dollar so we add a dollar to the dollar value and keep the cents so it is $3.60.

After students practiced adding the totals for orders at a coffee shop. Making change will be another lesson. Students were asked to just total the items. Some students worked on the challenge which was to find the change. We will be having a lesson on finding change!

Then we had first lunch and recess.

After recess we had UOI, today we looked at identifying traditions from a range of cultures. We started off brainstorming what we have been learning about during this unit.

We talked about Christmas and birthday celebrations in different countries, Ramadan, Eid, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, New Years, Chinese New Years.

Then students were challenged to figure out clues from various envelopes and match it to a tradition and explain why.

Then we went to French with Mme Stella and second lunch and recess.

After recess we finished investigating the envelopes and took up our worksheets.

To finish the day students were given time to practice their speeches.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Today's agenda notes:

-Read for 20 minutes on Raz-kids
-Practice speeches
-Jump rope for heart package
-Math worksheet (counting money)
-Spelling pg 69-72 and detailed sentences
-Cursive up to pg 66
-Food drive donation (Jan 19-26)

After we went over Raz-kids revisiting how to answer the constructed responses and what to do if we get multiple choice questions wrong. We also went over the most stars earned by students so far.
In first is Aydan, in second is Jad, in third is Esha.

Then we had PE with Ms. Yustin.

For math today we looked at estimating, counting, and writing amounts of money up to ten dollars. We also practiced a few going over with the big bills!

First students were able to explore counting on their own.

After they were able to tell me that we have to sort the coins in order to count them, then count the dollars, and then count the cents. Students also explained that with their partner one of them counted the bills and the other counted the coins. Great teamwork!

Then, we went over as a class what to do if our coins exceeded 100 cents. IT BECOMES A DOLLAR.

We practiced how to group coins such as 1,2,5,10, and 25 cents into dollars and add the values.
We then learned how to record our answers in different ways.

4 cents could be $0.04 or 4 ¢. We modelled how to draw a dollar sign and a cents sign. 

Students have to be careful not to write 0.04¢. 

Then we had first lunch and recess.

After we did spelling and cursive.
This weeks spelling words:
1. apple
2. handle
3. able
4. bottle
5. table
6. uncle
7. candle
8. purple
9. turtle
10. people

We are looking at words with 'le' spelling at the end always have at least two syllables, as in
'apple.' We identified how words like tunnel and funnel sound like our rule this week but don't fit.

Then we had music with Mr. Oliver and French with Mme. Stella.

After second recess we practiced our speeches!

Then finished off with a show and share of some cultural artifacts.

Then we got ready for home. :)

Friday, 19 January 2018

Today’s agenda notes:
-Read for 20 mins
-Jump Rope for Heart package
-Math worksheet (money)
-speeches in paragraphs for Monday
-Bake sale (Mon Jan 22nd)
-Food drive donation (Jan 19-Jan 26)

We had a discussion today about playing safe on the playground around all students.

Then we went to PE

For math today we looked at money relationships again. 

We worked together again to figure out how many 20's can make 100 dollars and then applied this to figuring out that for 200 dollars we just have to double it if 10 twenty dollar bills make 100 dollar then 20 will make 200 dollars.

We worked on completing our worksheet with our play money.
After we had first lunch and recess.

Then we had our spelling test the bonus words were:


Then we worked on our speeches. For Monday I would like the full speech written so we can practice the oral component.

Then we went to French with Mme. \Stella and lunch after.

After recess, we finished our research on Chinese Zodiac signs. Here are a few.

\Finished off with some golden time!

\Then we got ready for hometime

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Today's agenda notes:

-Read for 20 minutes on Raz-Kids or a story
-Fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart
-Re-registration package
-Spelling pg. 66-68 and sentences are due tomorrow
-Cursive up to page 63 is due tomorrow
-Math worksheet (money)
-Speeches (in paragraphs for Monday)
-Bake sale Monday (Jan 22nd)
-Food drive donation (Jan 19th-26th)

After agendas most students received new seats.

We now have group points for extra Golden Time. Students came up with their group names!

Then we had PE with Ms. Yustin.

After PE we had math. Today we looked at relationships among coins and bills.

We started off by identifying what each coin and bill is, how much it is worth and how to write it in two different ways. Students helped co-construct an anchor chart to help us remember. We also discussed how pennies are not in circulation anymore and that $2.00 is like 200 cents.

After exploring money we looked at the relationship of money and how to use skip counting to help us determine different ways to show certain values

Working in groups some example of relationships among bills and coins that we looked at were how many:
-quarter make a dollar
-dimes make a dollar
-tens make a hundred dollars
-fives make fifty dollars

In order to figure out how many fives make a fifty in a five we skip counted by five until we got to 50

So we skip counted 10 times which means that 10 five dollar bills make fifty dollars.

We also looked at a fifty dollar bill and tried to figure out how many 20 dollar bills make a fifty.
We realised that we cannot do this because if we count by 20's we do not land on fifty.
20,40,60 so we would need two 20 dollar bills and one ten dollar bill.

We spent a lot of time working hands on today and tomorrow we will continue to look at money relationships and counting money.

After we had first lunch and recess.

We worked on our speeches today. Most students are beginning to write their paragraphs and by Monday I would like everyone to be completed their paragraphs so that we can begin practicing in class.

Then we had music, French, and second lunch and recess.

After recess we visited Mr. Foster's grocery store! Lots of healthy foods!

What a great day to have this since we were learning about money today!

When we returned we worked on our speeches again and then got ready for home.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Today's agenda notes:

-Read for 20 mins
-$1-$2 for Sick Kids
-Jump Rope for Heart Package
-Spelling pg 66-68 and detailed sentences
-Cursive up to page 63
-Math worksheet (temperature)
-Speeches (brainstorm needs to be complete and start writing in paragraphs)

After agendas we worked on our speeches.

Then we went to PE with Ms. Yustin.

After PE we had math. Today for math we looked at how to estimate, read and measure temperature.

We began discussing places where we have seen a thermometer.
Students came up with their pool, the fridge, their grandparent's garage, fishtank, or when their sick their Mum or Dad measures their temperature.

We then analysed a thermometer and took note of it's features.

We noted that there is a scale with numbers, just like a graph, the liquid inside can be dangerous and is called mercury, the zero is not at the bottom. We measured the temperature and realised it said 20 degrees Celsius. After we put it in ice and left it.

We then created our anchor chart and went over how to read a thermometer.

It is important to recognise the scale. If the liquid inside is between two numbers we need to measure it as accurate as possible. We drew on the board increments of 2 degrees Celsius and went over how to read a thermometer that is 16 degrees Celsius.

When writing our temperature we HAVE to write the unit of measurement, not 5, 10. we need to write °C, or degrees Celsius.

Also if it is  -___°C or minus ___ degrees celsius.

Have a look at the anchor chart.

We then went over ball park temperatures for important things. (See anchor chart)

After we predicted what the temperature of the thermometer would be now since it was in the ice. 
They made good predictions that it was at 0°C. We then passed around the thermometer again and the reading said 2°C which is pretty close to 0!

After we went around the classroom measuring the temperature of thermometers.

We then reviewed how to order temperature from coldest to hottest and used a number line to help us.

It might seen like -20 would be warmer than -10 because 20 is greater than 10 but if we use a number line we see that as we move to the right it is warmer and to the left it is colder!  We also took notice that on thermometers the 0 isn't at the bottom.

After, we went to first lunch and recess.

When we returned from recess we worked on our speeches then we went to French with Mme. Stella.

Then we went to second lunch and recess.

When we returned we had UOI today we looked at Chinese New Year how it is celebrated and understanding the Zodiac Sign.

We began by watching a video

We then took up how the traditions came about.
 There was a dragon (beast) named Nian who came into the village on the darkest night of the year, when there is a full moon to scare everyone in sight. People dreaded the new moon for years until they learned from a wise man what Nian was scared of (the colour red, fire, and loud noises). So the villagers fought back with their drums, firecrackers, and by wearing red. Therefore Nian ran away and never came back. 

That's when people started celebrating the New Moon!
We then talked about Zodiac signs and went through a slideshow to reiterate how the animals finished and determined their place in the Zodiac calendar. 

The 12 animals and their places are

1) Rat
2) Ox
3) Tiger
4) Rabbit
5) Dragon
6) Snake
7) Horse
8) Goat
9) MOnkey
10) Rooster
11) Dog
12) Pig

We learned that the rat and cat rode on the ox across the river. After the rat pushed the cat into the river (the cat can't swim!) and finished first. The poor cat didn't end up placing in the top 12 and didn't earn a spot on the Zodiac Calendar. This is why cats don't like rats!

After students were given a Zodiac calendar animal to research characteristics about their animal for the year people were born. We learned that many of us are born in the year of the tiger (2010) and for those in 2009 we are Ox.

We will continue to work on this tomorrow and then look more deeply at the characteristics of our own Zodiac Sign.

Then we got ready for home.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

March Break Camp registration forms were sent home back in October. We have had many students sign up since then and especially the last few days. If you are interested in registering your chid for our amazing March Break camp, please send in the completed  registration form, along with the $20 one-time non-refundable deposit in order to secure your child's spot (this could be paid in cash or through fresh books). This year there are two options to chose from the first being lunch and two snacks provided or the second being send your own packed lunch and a discounted camp rate! We also have daily rates available. Please contact Ms. Smith bsmith@stjudesacademy.com for more details. 

Today's agenda notes

-Read for 20 mins
-$1-$2 for Sick Kids (Grocery store)
-Jump Rope for Heart package - fundraising
-Spelling pg. 66-68 and detailed sentences
-Cursive  up to pg. 63
-Math worksheet (elapsed time)

After agendas we worked on our speeches brainstorm. Please ensure your child brings their sheet back to class to work on.

After, we went to PE with Ms. Yustin.

Today for math we learned about elapsed time which is how long an event lasts. We recognised the importance of counting by 5's to find our elapsed time,

We started off looking at a party invitation and planning the events for the party.

The party started at 1:15 and goes till 4:00 so we had to choose 4 games to do while at this party.

We discussed that every game needs a start and end time.

We did the first activity together and modelled how to use a clock to help us count.

What we did is,
Put the time 1:15pm on an analog clock and wrote this in the start time column
Decided we wanted the activity to be 20 minutes (wrote this time in the elapsed time column)
Then we counted by 5's until we got to 20 minutes and noted the time. It was 1:35pm and then wrote this in the end time column.

The end time for this activity then becomes the start time for the next activity.

After we went to lunch and recess.

After recess we worked on our speeches. I am going over what students have done thus far and giving feedback. Please ensure that they bring their work back to class!

After we went to Music and French.

Then we had second lunch and recess.

When we returned we worked on our speeches again.

After we had UOI in which we had circle time to discuss traditions and holidays. We repeated the mind map activities we did for Ramadan, New Years, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, and Christmas but this time we have learned so much more!

Students then presented their mind maps to the class.

Then we got ready for home.